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Business Loans for Auto Repair & Auto Sales

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We understand there are numerous reasons an Auto Repair or Auto Sales business can find itself in need of financing. This is why we offer a full suite of business loan programs. With the right combination of products, we can tackle each one of those situations with the lowest cost solution possible.

Equipment Loan or Lease

  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Air Compressors
  • Brake Lathe
  • Wheel Alignment Systems
  • Refrigerant Systems
  • Wheel Balancers

Lines of Credit

  • For access to immediate funds when a job goes over budget or to cover any type of small shortage in cash flow. 

Business Term Loan

  • Refinance outstanding debts
  • Hire more employees
  • Marketing campain
  • Take on larger customers
  • Renovations on facility
  • Purchase new tools

Credit Card Processing

  • Reduce your total processing cost to 2%.
  • Offer payment plans for large tickets.
  • Offer rewards for repeat service customers.

SBA Loan

  • For big picture plans for the business.
  • Refinance all debt into one low monthly payment.

Working Capital Loan

  • Access low-cost capital without paperwork requirement hurdles.
  • Same day funding available with only fair credit required.

Business Cash Advance

  • Access to funding without credit requirement hurdles.
  • Flexible repayment options.

For more information regarding financing for your Auto Repair or Auto Sales business call 720-222-3396 to speak with a specialist today or click apply now below.

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